The core philosophies of Webcash are faith, sincerity and honesty.
After having witnessed previously solid companies go bankrupt the last few years, I realized that a corporation¡¯s
true competitiveness comes from its core philosophies. In this fast-changing world we live in, all member of the
corporation need to be accountable to customers, stockholders and other employees. The qualities of faith,
sincerity and honesty will allow Webcash to evolve into an enduring, high-quality corporation.
At Webcash, we try to foster a culture of infrastructure and ownership.
The culture of infrastructure means that the members of Webcash know the infrastructure of the company, utilize
it, and then expand it. There are three types of infrastructures at Webcash: human resource, technology, and
network. The mutually reinforcing cycle of utilization and expansion of the infrastructure will ensure the success
and development of the corporation. The culture of ownership encourages our employees to take ownership of at
least 2 or 3 elements in technology, business, and customers through constant self-improvement. Through this
culture of ownership, the members of the corporation can achieve success both at the individual and corporate
level. It is a culture in which an employee with many ownerships can excel.
Webcash¡¯s business domain is e-Finance & Cash Management Service.
Just as an automobile company would ceaselessly research and improve upon their models, we never stop
working to create better financial service products. In the last few years, Webcash not only has developed
internet banking systems for the most number of banks, but has also released cutting-edge financial service
products such as Virtual Account. Our products aim to revolutionize the integration of banking e-Finance and
corporate e-Business, and we hope these efforts can pioneer new horizons in the cooperative e-Finance
In addition, Webcash has also developed the first corporate cash management service in Korea that links
corporate cash management with finance systems, with which Webcash is fast becoming a globally
recognized cash management specialist.
We at Webcash are working harder to provide opportunities and an environment for keen, resourceful finance
experts to develop innovative finance service products, as well as help customers use financial services
more conveniently and more easily.