JexFrame is an integrated java framework which enables you to develop financial and banking systems easily
and perfectly. It consists of the following components.
PT Architecture (JexFrame Web) : Web application Framework dealing with services on the WEB
BT Architecture (JexFrame Biz) : Business Framework handling Business Process
Development Studio (JexStudio) : Improving efficiency of Development by service management,
source formation and test management.
Maintenance Administrator (JexAdmin) : Maintaining tools providing Service status monitoring and transaction
log tracing funcion
System Monitor (JexMonitor) : Monitoring the status of DBMS, WAS and Resource on real-time chart
1.Service based on In/Out Domain
All the components provided by Jexframe are based on In/Out Domain.
2. IDO
JexFrame carries out SQL Processes with Objects based on In/Out Domain.
3. IMO
JexFrame carries out message processes with Objects based on In/Out Domain.